Chemical Storage and Hazardous Storage Containers

Guidelines issued by the government and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have caused concern regarding the storage of chemicals, paint, Fertilisers and other harmful substances. Our purpose-built chemical stores are the ideal solution, built with the guidelines in mind.

RS French offers a full range of bespoke chemical storage options that are robust and maintenance free. All chemicals and hazardous materials are required to be kept in a safe and secure place providing protection to humans, animals and the environment. Stores should be resistant to fire, capable of retaining leakage/spillage, be dry, frost free, and adequately ventilated.

Our purpose built chemical storage options are the ideal solution, built with the guidelines in mind. We offer a full range of bespoke chemicals stores that are robust and maintenance free.

  • Stores available in a range of sizes and options
  • Bespoke mini chemical cabinets built to customer specifications
  • 6′,8′ and 10′ medium-sized containerised chemical stores
  • 20′ ISO containerised chemical stores, various options available
  • Custom length containerised chemical stores built from 40′ containers

Standard Chemical Storage Specification

  • High and low-level ventilation
  • Raised custom height bund inside the container
  • Single drain point
  • Built to BASIS regulations
  • Painted in anti-corrosion paint
  • Fully labelled and identified
  • High-security lockbox

Optional Extras

  • Recessed bund within the container floor, minimising trip hazards and allowing items to be forklifted in
  • Steel shelving
  • Lighting and frost protection
  • Sectional bunding
  • Safety valve operated drain points
  • Forced ventilation
  • Insulation and lining
  • Personnel doors