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Expandastore Demountable Containers

Need safe storage in a more convenient package?

Expandastore demountable containers offer similar storage to traditional shipping containers, with the added benefit of simple erection, demounting and storage.

These containers are fantastic for sites with limited access, less-than-ideal storage space or when frequent moves are necessary. Once put together, you have a non-rusting, strong and safe container with double-locking doors.

We offer three different sizes to suit a range of needs:
2m x 2.1m
3m x 2.1m
4m x 21.m

Why choose an Expandastore container?

Flat-packed containers offer clear benefits over regular containers in terms of portability and space-saving.

→ Easily moved by hand

Expandastore containers are man-portable, meaning you can shift your entire container without heavy equipment or forklifts.

→ Simple and fast to assemble

Like other flat-packed products, Expandastore units are quick and easy to assemble. They take just 20 minutes, and you only need sockets and a screwdriver.

→ Easy to demount

Expandastore can be turned back into flat-pack form when no longer required.

→ Complete

Everything you need is included with the container kit.

→ Modular and versatile

Expandastore containers can be conjoined side-by-side and back-to-back, offering infinite storage possibilities. Plus, once they’re set up, they can be lifted with cargo inside.

→ Safe and secure

Modular doesn’t mean less secure. Our double-locking system keeps your cargo safe from thieves.

What can you expect with Expandastore containers?

  • More site space when not being used
  • Low costs
  • Fully galvanised body
  • Optional forklift feet
  • Optional self-levelling feet
  • Optional ‘snap-in’ self uprights and arms
  • Optional external powder coating

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Choose RS French for your portable container needs

We bring experienced container experts with each Expandastore container delivered to site. They’re on hand to assist with placement and assembly.

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