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Expandastore Demountable Containers

Why use a Expandastore Demountable Container

There are many benefits to using demountable containers from RS French. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

  • Man-Portable – components can be moved by hand
  • Demountable – Expandastore dismantles back into flatpack form quickly.
  • Modular – additional Expandastore containers can be added either side by side or back to back at any time.
  • Complete – everything required for assembly is in the kit. No additional fixings needed.
  • Secure – double locking system is standard.
  • Simple Assembly – only socket set and screwdriver are required – Assembly details
  • Quick to Build – Expandastore can ready for use in 20 minutes.
  • Versatile – a wide range of options is available and once erected, the Expandastore can be lifted from its lifting eyes with a cargo on board!

Expandastore flat pack containers are available in three different sizes and can be linked end to end or side to side at any time after initial assembly to create larger open plan storage spaces. The demountable nature means that the Expandastore can easily be returned to flat-pack form for storage or reuse in a different location.

We also provide Expandakabin and Expandachem containers too.

Once assembled, the fully galvanised (non-rusting) steel Expandastore containers are remarkably robust, with a real double locking system to deter the most determined thief. Assembly of the Expanda-store is simple and quick and can be carried out using a socket set and screwdriver, by anyone with basic DIY abilities

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Expandastore Container Features:

  • Fully galvanised body
  • Less storage space when not in use
  • Simple assembly
  • Fully expandable (modular) capability
  • Optional forklift feet
  • Optional self-levelling feet
  • Optional ‘Snap-in’ shelf uprights & arms
  • Optional external powder coated painting
  • Low cost
  • The newly improved Expandastore now comes with a double locking system for additional security at no extra cost.

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