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One Trip Shipping Containers for sale

Seeking a one trip shipping container for your workplace or home?

At RS French, we have an extensive range of ISO-standard one trip containers, meaning we can confidently pair the right solution to your specific requirement.

Let’s dive deeper into our one trip shipping containers and discover your options.

What is a one trip container?

Most commonly, one trip containers are designed for the shipping and transportation of goods. Often made in China, they are used to ship cargo to the United Kingdom on a single trip.

However, one trip containers have many uses that can benefit your business or home – no matter the requirement.

At RS French, we specialise in ISO-compliant one trip containers. ISO stands for ‘International Standards Organisation’, which means you are guaranteed premium and robust quality that’s built to last.

Designed to be easily filled or emptied, they are constructed with the stringent criteria and specifications set by ISO standards to ensure the most secure and reliable shipment.

What are the main features?

Forged from sturdy COR-TEN steel, and reinforced with heavy-duty double doors, our one trip containers can withstand whatever you throw at them.

All of our one trip containers feature:

  • COR-TEN steel construction
  • Hinged double doors at one end
  • One or Two hard-wearing locking bars per door
  • A factory-fitted lock box as standard
  • Two forklift pockets on each side
  • Minimum of four vents to eliminate condensation
  • CSC plated (gross weight) maximum: 30 ton
  • 28mm Marine ply floor on steel cross members
  • Available in green or blue (other colours upon request)

What are the uses of a one trip container?

As mentioned earlier, the predominant use for one trip containers is an international shipment. Regularly setting sail to the United Kingdom, they house a variety of goods that our nation requires.

However, there are far more creative and innovative ways to transform your one trip container. Consider it a perfect blank canvas that offers you numerous business or leisure options.

Here’s a handful of ways you can give your one trip container a new lease of life:

  • Secure storage unit
  • Work site office
  • Cargo container home
  • Secure tool store
  • Bunker
  • Goods storage

Typical One Trip Container Sizes Available

20ft is the most common container size we sell. This is because it is the most cost-effective, however, other sizes are available and are usually kept in stock.

Here’s a breakdown of our container sizes and dimensions.

one trip container sizes

*Not used for shipping designed for the domestic market

Custom sizes are also available, by modifying the container in our workshops.

The majority of our sales are from our depot in Waterham, Faversham – however, we can serve the whole of the UK with stock available in 14 major UK locations.

Why choose RS French for your one trip container needs?

With well over thirty years of experience, there are very few hurdles we’ve failed to overcome and orders we’ve been unable to fulfil.

Our helpful, expert team is always on hand to support you from initial enquiry to delivery and installation. Why not say hello today -we’d love to hear from you.

Unlike others, we handle absolutely everything in-house. Keeping all processes under a single roof means we can provide you with the most bespoke experience, ensuring you walk away with the exact used container for your requirement.

What are your next steps?

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