RS French container unit

Specialised Shipping Containers

Not All Shipping Containers Are Standard

Not all containers are 20’ long and have a set of double doors. Any size, layout and configuration is possible by modification in our workshops, However there are specialised shipping containers that we can hire or sell that have additional doors as standard!

High Cube Containers

High Cube containers are 1 Foot (305mm) Higher than a standard height containers, taking the overall eternal Height to 9’6’’. This extra height is useful when volume is a premium or you are storing over height items such as mini diggers or generators.

High Cube container are available New and Used in 20’ and 40’ as standard but more typically found in 40’ form.

Tunnel Containers

Double end door containers, or Tunnel Containers are excellent for storage purposes, giving access to stored items from both ends. Ideal for self-storage companies, R S French can even weld in a steel internal wall to create 2 separate 10ft storage compartments which is much more cost effective than buying a pair of 10ft containers. Tunnel units are also popular as temporary bridges and for use as ticket entrances controlled wall ways.

Tunnel Containers are available in 20’ and 40’ form as standard and have the same specifications as typical 20’ containers.

Side Access Containers

Full side Access containers open at one end and one complete side. They are ideal for the storing of long lengths of material that need to be loaded by forklift. They also are ideal for storage where there are different palletised products that’s need continued access as different times. Side access containers also make excellent chemical stores for bulk items such as 205 litre drums.

Side Access containers are available to hire and buy new and used in 20’ form.

Open Top Containers

Open top Containers are used where items are heavy and cannot be loaded through normal doors. The roof is made from a canvas rather than steel so the security aspect of the container is lost.

Open top container are available to purchase only in 20’ and 40’ form.