Modular or containerised. RS French have the answer

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Although shipping containers form a core part of our business here at RS French we are also a trading partner for Containex who offer modular solutions to meet a multitude of uses. We are strong believers that Shipping containers and modular building systems each have their role to play and both have their pro’s and con’s. If we have a customer approach us that is looking for a cheap, short-term storage solution then we wouldn’t normally advise a modular unit unless they needed some key design features. If a local school approached us and was looking for a toilet block or teaching space we would generally air on the side of a modular building due to this providing some key features from standard and also allows the opportunity to expand easily in the future if required.

The beauty Is we can offer both options and quite often that is exactly what we do. You give us your required specification and we can provide you both containerised and modular options. Oh, and we will deliver to site and crane into position using our own vehicles and fully trained staff as well.