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RS French portable office buildings

Along with partner Containex, RS French provides modular office buildings – a fast, flexible and practical solution for mobile space for your employees and colleagues, that comes in a variety of sizes that suits the requirements of your business.

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Whether you’re in need of staff rooms, offices or common rooms, we’re able to provide portable office buildings that are customised to your individual needs. Due to the flexible nature of our modular office buildings, we offer the ideal solution that’s shipped out and up-and-running in a very short time. In fact, our average turnaround is approximately four weeks from planning to assembly.

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Choosing a portable office buildings

Flexible panel systems even allow for office extensions on conventional buildings. It’s simple – tell us your specifications and we’ll deliver modular office buildings that suit your required floor space and ideal layout. The needs and requirements of your portable office building is key, which is why we work collaboratively to get the right result and have your employees feeling right at home in their new office.

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