Modular sanitary units

RS French provides modular sanitary units and site shower cabins from our partners, Containex.

Providing, safe and clean site sanitary cabins is important to your client’s health and wellbeing. Our modular sanitary units and site shower cabins are equipped with high quality equipment and sophisticated facilities that are designed for long-term use.

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Advantages of modular sanitary units

Our Containex modular units cater for site shower cabins and modular toilets for your site’s comfort and convenience. Our modules are high-quality and insulated for both heat and sound. They can also be up and ready to use shortly after delivery and come with a number of different equipment options to suit your needs and budget.

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Choosing site sanitary cabins

Our modular sanitary units and site shower cabins are a fast and clean solution to hygiene and create a comfortable facility that uses fresh water instead of harsh chemicals. Each module can be configured to your needs, come in a variety of sizes and can include WCs, cubicles, showers and sinks.

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