One product with a multitude of uses

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A 20ft shipping container to the untrained eye looks like ‘just’ a metal box. To others, it looks like a windproof and watertight building block, a café, an office, a meeting room, a gym, a workshop or a cheap storage solution.

You may be an individual who is moving house and doesn’t want the mad rush of having to move an entire contents of a house within one day and therefore has a 20ft shipping container delivered a week prior to moving, allowing plenty of time to transfer your good at your own pace, before having this transported to your new address where you can then spend as long as you like unpacking. Once finished the container is collected and you live happily ever after. Moving house is well documented as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. For just £12 + VAT a week why not let us reduce your blood pressure and help you out?!

Are you a site manager who is fed up with sub-standard welfare facilities on site? Do you get fed up having to call one company for a chemical toilet, another for your site office and a third for transport and crane services? If so then RS French can help. We have tailored our business so that you make one phone call for all of your site welfare needs and only have to deal with a select few people rather than waiting on hold at a call centre. A family business with a core set of values we pride ourselves on repeat business and customer recommendations.

A shipping container really can be turned into pretty much anything you can think of. Due to having our own fabrication workshops we have previously worked on projects that have seen these metal boxes turned into design agency meeting rooms, mussel shacks, coffee shop outlets or even science labs. Weatherproof, secure and (depending on design) relatively cheap, I challenge you to tell us you don’t need or want a shipping container in your life!