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With the longest reach of all HIAB cranes and a weight capacity of up to 2540kg, a long-reach HIAB lends itself to a variety of tasks, including the transportation and placement of timber and steel frames. It’s long-reach of up to 31.7 metres means that overcoming obstacles, and delivering to ground level is simple. 

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How far can a HIAB reach?

For loads of 550kg or less, a long-reach HIABs can extend as high as 31.7 metres. In the case of heavier haulage (2540kg or less), the reach is up to 21.1 metres. 

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Benefits of a long-reach HIAB 


They can deliver goods to your site

Unlike a crane, a long-reach HIAB can deliver goods and materials to your construction site. 


They’re great for transporting lighter loads over long distances

Long-reach HIAB cranes are ideal for transporting lighter loads over larger distances.


They can reach over obstacles

The winch allows for long reach hiabs to reach over obstacles and deliver load to ground level. 


They’re versatile

Long-reach HIABs can perform a range of tasks, including the installation of timber frame and steel sections in building construction, as well as air handling units. 

Why work with RS French?

Family-run for more than 40 years, RS French can take the pressure off your next job. 

We’ve a team of fully-qualified HIAB crane operators as well as a wide selection of lorry-mounted cranes designed for light or heavy haulage and abnormal loads. For guidance with estimating the weight of your goods, RS French can provide a full evaluation, helping you to decide which HIAB crane is right for you. 

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Where do RS French operate? 

Working throughout Kent and the surrounding counties, RS French is ready and waiting to assist with your next job. Whether you need to transport goods via the M2, M20, A299, A28 or any of the major or minor routes nearby, we can help. 

We’ve a fleet of lorry-mounted cranes, in a variety of sizes, each offering a range of special features to improve your operations. These include rear steer, air suspension and 360-degree lifting capabilities. 

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