Expandakabin is a fully insulated demountable flat pack man-portable office cabin. Due to its unique construction, Expandakabin flat pack cabins can be easily situated in previously inaccessible locations. Expandakabin is fully modular and further units can be linked side to side or end to end to form larger open plan office space at any time after initial assembly.

Expandakabin Key Features:

  • Insulated – 50mm insulation and powder coated finish inside & outside.
  • Man-Portable – No lifting gear or cranes required – each panel can be lifted by hand.
  • Demountable – Dismantles into flatpack form easily.
  • Modular – Individual Expandakabins can be linked together to form larger office buildings.
  • Complete – Everything required for assembly is included in the kit. Simple to assemble – Only socket set is required for assembly.
  • Quick to build – Ready for use in 45 minutes.
  • Ready Decorated – Interior walls and ceilings finished in off-white powder coat. Vinyl sheet floor covering.
  • Flexible – door and window panels can be located in any position.
  • Durable – manufactured from galvanised steel.