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RS French’s fully-qualified HIAB crane operators can take the pressure off your next job. Our range of large lorry-mounted cranes have a range of uses, including heavy haulage and abnormal loads. 

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve exactly the right equipment and expertise to help. Get in touch with us today and we’ll advise you on the best large HIAB hire for your job. 

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Benefits of a large HIAB Crane


They’re designed for heavy haulage 

A large HIAB can lift up to 95-tonnes per meter which makes it ideal for heavy haulage items. 


They can be used for a variety of jobs

Large HIAB cranes are ideal for almost any heavy haulage and abnormal transportation jobs. They are especially useful for collecting and delivering oversized loads such as 


They can reach up to 17 metres (55 ft)

With a Nooteboom extending platform trailer, three hydraulic steering axles and a 1,535mm high platform, our R650 extends from 11m (36ft) to 17m (55ft). So, moving a 40ft shipping container would be no problem at all. 


They can span 360-degrees 

Our range of large lorry-mounted cranes have the capacity to span the full 360-degrees. For you, this means maximum flexibility on-site, even with heavier loads. 


They can save time and money 

Versatile and cost-effective, large HIABs can perform a range of tasks. They can even replace forklifts and mobile cranes, removing the need to have these on site, saving you time and money. 


Looking to hire a large HIAB? Explore your available options on the graph below or get in touch today.

Large Hiab distance to weight graph

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For help with estimating the weight of your goods, RS French can provide a full evaluation, helping you to decide which HIAB crane is right for you. 


Where do RS French operate? 

Operating throughout Kent and the surrounding counties, RS French is ready and equipped to assist with your next job. Whether you need to transport goods via the M2, M20, A299, A28 or any of the major or minor routes nearby, we can help. 

We’ve a fleet of lorry-mounted cranes, big and small, each offering a range of features to streamline operations, including rear steer, air suspension and 360-degree lifting capabilities. 

For some free advice, get in touch with us today to chat over your requirements. 


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