All You Need To Know…

The variety of toilets we have on offer is one of the largest in Kent, ranging from stand-alone chemical and mains drainage toilets, to large 3+1 toilet blocks. All our individual toilet units and toilet blocks are personally delivered by ourselves, with a support team on hand should you encounter any difficulties during your hire period. So whether you are looking for an individual chemical toilet with hot or cold water that meets HSE regulations for a construction site or a mains drainage toilet with low maintenance, we have got it covered.

The type of customer who typically sources their temporary toilet solutions from us include:

  • Construction sites
  • Event sites
  • Schools
  • Community centres
  • Recreation grounds
  • Agriculture sites
  • Business development/re-location sites
  • Boot fairs
  • Family fun days
  • Private Parties/Events!

How many toilets will I need?

The number of people you have on a site, or attending an event, will influence how many toilets you will need. A good site will allow for 1 toilet per 7 people on site, however, listed below is the minimum number of toilets you should have available according to the number of users on a construction site:

Number Of People Number of Toilets Number Of Wash Stations
1 – 5 1 1
6 – 15 2 2
16 – 30 3 3
31 – 45 4 4
46 – 60 5 5
61 – 75 6 6
76 – 90 7 7
91 – 100 8 8


We deliver, service and maintain all our toilets to the highest standards in the industry with a friendly persona.

As a member of the Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd we offer the Best Practice in the industry and regularly update our products according to sanitation requirements and quality assurance.

HSE Regulations

In order to meet Health and Safety requirements, construction site toilets, must be kept ventilated, well lit and clean with a wash basin large enough for users to wash their hands, face and forearms in.

Both hot and cold water, or warm, running water, by law, should be provided for construction workers to wash their hands immediately after using the provided toilet.

Our hire fleet have been carefully selected to meet current HSE regulations where reasonably practicable.

Please note, it is your responsibility as the customer to keep both the interior and the exterior of the units in a clean and tidy condition. Standard household products can be used on our units during the term of hire. Cleaning of units is not included in our prices.