Used Shipping and Storage Containers

Wind and Watertight Used Storage Containers

The majority of our used containers are described as wind and watertight, although it will have some dents and scrapes it is considered to be in good condition for a used container. It is a cost-effective solution for secure storage requirements.

Like buying a used car the condition of used containers vary considerably and consequently so does the price. At R S French we cater for all requirements, a container is never scrapped, we listen to you needs and advise a suitable solution.

Cut Down Refurbished Shipping Containers

Typically a standard ISO 40ft container is cut down and converted into 4x 10ft containers, but we can cut down containers to meet any size requirement. Call us to discuss your requirement. This process is carried out in our own container conversion facility. These Containers cannot be used for Shipping.

All of our cut down container have the original double doors or have a new set of ISO spec doors installed with double looking bars and a lock protector as standard.

Finally, the container can be painted a colour of your choice.

Hanjin container

Ex Shipping Line Storage Containers

Unlike New Containers these have been owned or leased by the shipping lines generally for over 10 years. They comply with the same ISO standards of new containers but they have been on countless journeys around the world. However they still can be used for storage and conversions.

Used Container Specifications

  • Various colours available
  • Various sizes available
  • Constructed from Cor-Ten Steel
  • Hinged double doors at one end
  • Each door contains two locking bars
  • 28mm Marine ply floor on steel cross members
  • Typically 2 vents